Welcome to Collar the Movie.  Collar is a police drama that deals with daily reality, vital issues of today involving, family and community issues related to retirement, teen-age drugs and prostitution, sexual slavery, judicial abuse of power, political corruption and impropriety, cronyism, sexual misconduct, racism, racial profiling, shootings, community activism, and day to day law enforcement, and police procedures..  This is movie about Your town and Your community and the social issues that confront contemporary American life. Starring Tom Sizemore,
Rebecca DeMornay, Richard Roundtree and David Patrick Wilson.




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a Synopsis

At first glance, it looks like ANYWHERE, USA. It’s dawn. All is silent. An alarm clock sounds. In an instant, the street is teeming with activity.
This is the story of Timothy James (“TJ”) Williams, a cop rapidly heading toward retirement, his family, friends and the town in which they live and work. He and his partner of 10 years, Angel Santana, have helped keep the community safe and seemingly free from the corruption that plagues so many other communities.
Married with children raised in this town, for thirty years he has ruled the streets of suburban Grossman. There is nothing unusual about Doris and TJ unless it is the fact that on this day they should be celebrating twenty five years of wedded bliss. But within twenty-four hours, their lives and the lives of those closest to them will be forever changed.
TJ will be labeled a ‘murderer’, unwelcomed in his home and community. On this day, he will make a snap decision that alters the course of his life and forces him to confront many of the bad decisions he’s made in the past.
This is a tale of the fallen and the redeemed. A lifetime of questionable choices cannot be turned around in a single day. But as TJ discovers, and you will see, finding the right road to take is the first step on the path to a realizing a kinder, gentler future. Copyright 2009. By the Authors. All Rights Reserved.

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